Stringfellow Timeline

The very beginning

January 1, 2003

Stringfellow began as a humble ‘mom & pop’ shop. The founding members were, Thomas Stringfellow, Leigh Stringfellow and Samantha Dorning. Born out of necessity, the Stringfellows decided to manage Thomas’ clients from their own home in Johannesburg and they soon found a growing list of referrals coming their way.

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2005 – Office set up

November 27, 2018

Stringfellow sets up new offices and officially registers a company Assets under management: R200 Million

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Inspired by two of the greatest investment gurus in history – Sir John Templeton and Warren Buffett, we invest in profitable businesses as they are, and always will be, the creators of true wealth. We are flexible but not frivolous and truly understand the risk of investment. By constantly researching the market, focusing on the fundamentals and economic data we are able to take advantage of sound opportunities. We remain disciplined and goal-focused, making investment decisions based on research and data, not speculation. We are true long-term investors and believe that real assets, like shares, property and bonds, should outperform cash and inflation over time.


To create a world of financial abundance for all


We apply sound investment principles in a manner that leverages off our team of specialists to deliver the best possible service and results for our clients


Client focus

We make our clients’ lives thrive by delivering personal service, with industry-leading advice, all while ensuring exceptional returns.

Long term investors

We invest in profitable businesses as they are the true creators of wealth; as long term investors we believe that real assets like shares, property and bonds should outperform cash and inflation over time.

Tax Efficiency

No tax (CGT) implications when underlying funds are switched

Effective Switching And Decision Making

Nimble administration processes that enable us to actively manage the fund


Spread across various asset classes, asset managers, investment styles, regions and currencies

Institutional Pricing

Economies of scale ensuring lower investment fees


Fancourt Office Park
Northumberland Avenue & Felstead Road
North Riding


010 007 0074



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