Don’t worry about China, China will be just fine. China has over a billion people who are smart, work hard and are much cheaper than lazy Westerners. What does China want? World domination.

We are living in the American Empire. My kids are more American than Donald Trump. They watch, listen eat and live America. USA! USA! The only thing we haven’t done is pledge allegiance to the flag.

America is THE Superpower, but not for long. We are moving into the Chinese Empire. Why do we waste our children’s time at school teaching them French and Afrikaans? They should learn Mandarin. What are they going to do with French and Afrikaans in 2016??

We are so dependent on America and the old saying “When America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold” is still true. It’s only when you go to the USA and stand in the middle of Times Square do you realize how insignificant the rest of the world is. South Africa could go “POP” and nobody would really care.

As an investment manager, I don’t pay much attention to our local markets. I watch Wall Street. Everyone does. But one day it will be Shanghai. China will be THE Superpower. Why will they beat the good old USA? Because they have over a billion Chinese people. You can’t beat over a billion Chinese people, I tried but I failed, lol. You just can’t. Americans are winners, they have IT in their genes but so do the Chinese. The Chinese are winners! The Chinese are hungrier and they can do things with their economy that the Yanks can’t.

The world is concerned because China is growing at 6,7%. Are you kidding me? 6,7%?? Can you imagine if South Africa grew at 6,7%? We would be dancing naked in the streets and everyone would have a poster of Zuma in their homes.

Yes, China is slowing down. Thank goodness they are slowing down. Can you imagine if they continued to grow at 10%?? That would be unsustainable. Is China going to have a hard or soft landing? Who knows? What I do know is that they will be just alright thank you. Don’t worry about China and their 6,7% growth, worry about the rest of the world and book your Mandarin lessons now!!