What can we expect from 2017; uncertainty and volatility…? Anything is possible. The world is extremely nervous and risk averse, with fear in the air, these are not the good old times. People are concerned about today and not even thinking about tomorrow, it’s all about surviving one day at a time.

Anything could happen and sometimes it feels like the world could end today.

Every day there is some major event or crisis and although we are not in world war three, it sure feels like it. War is rife everywhere if it’s not a daily crime, its terrorists killing innocent people or desperate people fleeing war-torn countries. Where is it safe in the world today?

The USA has a new president

Trump is President of the so-called free world. Does the free world exist? What kind of President will he be? Will he “Make America Great Again”? Nobody knows and only time will tell. If he succeeds, we should all benefit and with so much negativity and uncertainty, the world could do with a win!

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Brexit will officially start

Brexit will probably be officially started in March 2017 and nobody, not even the politicians know what will happen as this major event, which is grossly underestimated by the world, is unprecedented.

The U.K.’s divorce from the EU is probably the beginning of the end of the EU. The European Union has failed and Europe is in crisis with 40 percent of the EU economy going to polls in 2017. Europe is in a major mess and things are going to get ugly, especially if politicians put their egos first.

The economy is still trying to recover

The world’s economy is still trying to recover from the financial crisis and is very fragile, with many countries’ growth being far too low for their needs. These countries could slip into recession while many people feel like we are in a depression.

The world’s economy is still in the intensive care room and these are not the boom times. Politicians and central bankers have failed the world’s economy and therefore failed the man in the street. That is why people voted for Brexit and Trump. People have had enough and are not happy and want real change, jobs and security.

If politicians don’t deliver they will be voted out and/or there will be social unrest.

If Trump succeeds in 2017, and if Brexit is managed appropriately, we could have a great year and 2017 could be the greatest long-term investment opportunity. Investors who are patient and disciplined could be richly rewarded. However, the opposite is also true and we could have one of the worst periods ever, which could affect generations to come.

With so much uncertainty, it’s like a flip of a coin, anything could happen over the short term and that is why investors should allocate their capital according to their long-term needs and should not be distracted by short-term noise.

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