Ensure the apple of your eye is taken care of for years to come.

Start a Retirement Annuity for your little one today and see your investment grow just like they do
A saving of R250 Per Month until the age of 65 would total R195 000, but if invested in an Retirement Annuity that delivers 10% Per Annum the investment will be worth close to R20 000 000
From the moment your child (grand, god or own) entered the world, you knew you would do anything in your power to make sure they never want for anything.

By starting a retirement annuity for them at such a young age you’re giving them the gift of peace of mind ensuring they can sleep soundly as a baby and one day as an adult.

The benefit of compound interest

Advantages of starting a Retirement Annuity at such a young age

Compound Interest  – Because you are saving over a long period, your money starts to work for you as you earn interest on the interest, as shown in the graph above

Disciplined saving – You do not have access to your retirement annuity savings until the age of 55, so the rebellious impulses of a teenager will not be able to squander the investment

Protected from Creditors – Whatever hardships might befall your little one you can rest assured that this investment will be safe from creditors and will always be a nest egg for retirement

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