From the moment your child entered the world, you knew you would do anything in your power to make sure they were taken care of in the best way possible.

Now is your chance to give a gift that lasts a lifetime and be rewarded in the process.


Start a Retirement Annuity for your child today

Advantages of having a Retirement Annuity (RA) at such a young age

Retirement products come with some advantageous restrictions for the beneficiary of the policy allowing you, as parent peace of mind.
RA’s are structured in such a way that you maximize the potential growth of the investment and are able to access the funds at retirement. By contributing towards your little one’s future, you create financial stability for them when they need it most and break the cycle of dependency between generations

Compound Interest

The longer one invests, the more interest is earnt. Each month, the interest is higher than the previous month and gets added to the overall total. This compounded effect will leave you smiling as you watch the value skyrocket!

Disciplined Saving

Access to the Retirement savings is granted at the age of 55. This affords parents the peace of mind, knowing the funds will not be squandered by youthful impulses


Protected from Creditors

Whatever hardships might befall your child, you can rest assured that this investment will be safe from creditors and will always be a nest egg for retirement


of South Africans don’t have any form of retirement plan

There currently exists a retirement savings crisis in SA and its impact on government resources will be disastrous in years to come.

Those who do not invest their money for growth or rely solely on the Government welfare system for retirement will have little chance of beating inflation and having enough money to draw a decent income after retirement

If you invest in a Retirement Annuity:

A saving of R300 Per Month until the age of 65, if invested in an Retirement Annuity that delivers 10% Per Annum, would grow the investment close on R20,000,000

If you saved the same R300 / month diligently under your pillow for the same period of time, you’d land up with R195,000 and have zero SARS tax benefits for retirement contributions

Just imagine

Knowing that you had left your child with financial support and stability that not only caters for their lives but for their children too. By the same token, you may decide to start a retirement annuity for yourself. Stringfellow’s qualified financial planners are here to assist and guarantee to give independent advice tailor made for your needs.

Start the process and we’ll call you back 

Need more info?

Feel free to connect with us at info@stringfellow.co.za 

Can I invest a single lump sum?

Yes, you can add one-off contributions at any time after your plan has been issued.

Send an email to info@stringfellow.co.za or your financial advisor to arrange.

Why save for a retirement annuity?

A Retirement Annuity is an efficient and important way to save for retirement because:

Tax Saving
Saving for your own retirement or that of your child’s, means the government bears less burden when you or they reach the age of retirement. The government views this as advantageous to the overall financial system and therefore rewards citizens for their contributions through tax savings each year.

Tax Advantage
The growth on your investment is tax free!

Your savings provide you with an income in your retirement years
When you retire, you may take up to one third of your accumulated savings in a cash lump sum. The remaining amount is used to finance your monthly income. If you save for a beneficiary, the same would apply to them.

If you owe money at retirement, your retirement savings are safe from Creditors
Your retirement savings are safe irrespective of any personal financial loss you may suffer. This ensures that your savings will be available when it is most needed and for what it is intended – the provision of your retirement income.

What are the tax benefits of saving for a retirement annuity?

According to current tax legislation, retirement annuities have the following tax advantages:

Tax benefits are for the policy holder only. If you contribute towards another retirement annuity not in your name, you will not receive a tax rebate.

You can deduct your contributions to a retirement annuity from your taxable income, up to a specified limit. This means that you pay less tax when you contribute to a retirement annuity.

Contributions in excess of the limit can be carried forward and deducted from future taxable income, including a retirement lump sum or pension income.

The investment returns earned in a retirement annuity fund are not currently taxed.

At retirement, the lump sum benefit is tax-free up to a specified limit. Regular pension payments are taxed as income.

This does not only mean that tax is delayed, but because the tax rebates, rates and allowable deductions change at ages 65 and 75, less tax will be paid.

All limits referred to above are specified annually for the tax year.

When will the retirement annuity start?

If a recurring payment is applicable, the plan starts on the date that the first payment is collected. If we cannot collect the first payment on your preferred start date, we will collect the first payment one month later and move the start date accordingly.

If a one-off payment is applicable, the plan starts on the date that the payment is collected from your bank account. If we cannot collect the payment on your preferred collection date, we will collect the payment on the first possible date thereafter and move the start date in line with this.


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