It doesn’t really matter how much you invest. What really matters is that you do invest. Life is about choices. We are faced with making choices all day long. We are either making good choices or bad choices. Choose to invest, it’s a great choice and the best decision you can make for your future.

When you have money you can either spend it or invest it. Either you use your money now or you delay your current needs for your future needs. If you use all your money now you won’t have money for the future, you. Keep money for the future you. You won’t regret it as you cannot turn back time.

Cash is king for emergencies

The amount of money you invest is up to you. Make provision for today. What could happen to you today? Do you have an emergency account? Cash is king for emergencies. If you had to lose your job or business today could you survive without income for 6 or 12 months? Lay the foundation to your financial well-being by ensuring that if anything happens to you or your family today, you will be all right and you can sleep at night.

Once your financial foundation is in place then invest. Invest an amount that you feel comfortable with. How much do you want to put away for your future? How much is the future you going to thank you for?

Do your homework

Invest in the four main asset classes: equities, cash, bonds and property. Invest locally and globally and ensure that you have the best managers in the country managing your money. Do your homework and make sure that your money is in great hands. Don’t assume that your manager is good because he comes from a big brand and his company has millions to throw at marketing. Have regular meetings with your manager. Don’t confuse an advisor from an investment manager. An advisor sells investments and an investment manager invests your money.

Don’t assume that your manager is good because he comes from a big brand

The amount of money you invest doesn’t really matter because you can invest a large amount of money and you can make bad investment decisions and lose all your money. You can invest R 500 per month and make great investment decisions and your future self will be very happy.

The best investment you can make is financial knowledge. Gain financial knowledge and your life will prosper. If you don’t know money and you make bad investment decisions it doesn’t matter how much you invest as money will always be a problem.


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