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Every successful person knows the importance of identifying goals and setting the foundation to reach their targets.

Finding the right tools and partnering with the right people then enables their success.

At Stringfellow Group we believe in true long-term investing and make every effort to understand and define the correct goals for each of our client’s needs.

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Invest with a minimum of R25 000 and Stringfellow will provide an active investment strategy and award-winning smart-fund solutions that will guide you through the impending storm.

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Stringfellow’s award-winning funds are able to outperform its peers and inflation because all our investment decisions are based on in-depth research and economic fundamentals.

Our multi-managed funds are investment products, which consists of multiple specialised funds. This enables us to leverage off the best-of-breed fund managers across asset classes, sectors and geographical locations.

Our investment philosophy is inspired by two of the greatest investment gurus in history; Sir John Templeton and Warren Buffett. We believe that real assets, like shares, property and bonds, should outperform cash and inflation over time.

We believe that real assets, like shares, property and bonds, should outperform cash and inflation over time.

Stringfellow’s Award-Winning Multi-Managed Funds

Stringfellow BCI Stable Fund of Funds


Stringfellow BCI Flexible Fund of Funds


Over the past 10 years, our funds have delivered an average annual return of


Performance is quoted over a 10 year period as at 31/12/2018

Stringfellow’s Wrapped Funds

Inflation Plus 2 Cautious


Inflation Plus 4 Balanced


Inflation Plus 6 Opportunity


Over the past 7 years, our funds have delivered an average annual return of:

Performance quoted is backdated over a 7 year period as at 31/12/2018
Past performance is no guarantee of future performance


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Best-of-breed providers currently used in our Multi-Managed funds

The BIP / Stringfellow Investment Committee has been on a measured drive to ensure that all their investment solutions are sufficiently balanced across as many risk premia as is possible, key of which are the equity investment styles: size, low volatility, value, quality and momentum.

This also includes attempts to address meaningful valuation risks that come with passive solutions in the later stages of the business cycle.

Stringfellow Inflation Plus, Quarterly Investment Report – Quarter 3, 2017 Boutique Investment Partners

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