As the year starts to unwind and we get to spend time with friends and family, we often get involved in the festivities; playing along and seeing little faces light up when someone hears Santa laughing or sees a little elf slip around the corner.

Unfortunately, as we grow older we think that Santa and his helpers are nothing more than a fairy-tale. As an eternal optimist, I am pleased to tell you that these imaginary creatures that work tirelessly to ensure that every stocking is filled to the brim while you spend time with family are very, very real.

Although they are not the bell-wearing creatures of stories, they are equally sought-after – constantly working while you relax and focus on what is most important to you. As investment specialists, we want to share the good tidings that not only does a good investment deliver on that one day of the year, but it also continues to perform and grow, regardless of what you do.

Much like Santa’s helpers, investments and the companies that they represent don’t stop. They keep performing for their shareholders and over this period where everyone is spoiling themselves, or their loved ones, specific investments (retail, travel, entertainment etc.) will be working even harder.

What makes it even more exciting is, regardless of how you’re spending your holiday, there is a good chance that you’re “re-investing” in your portfolio. If you are invested in Steinhoff Group, like Stringfellow’s investors, shopping at Incredible Connection or HiFi Corporation will eventually come back to you as dividends or a nice increase in the value of your shares.

We tend to think of our investments as something abstract or isolated, but in truth, we are surrounded by the companies we are invested in every moment of the day and everywhere we go. If you or your fund managers have made the right decisions, you could defend relaxing and watching the game on DSTV (Naspers) with a nice cold drink (SAB) as part of your investment strategy.

Unfortunately, many people get themselves into trouble by overspending, while they could actually invest a little extra with that bonus. So, just remember that supporting these companies is only rewarding when you are actually invested. Before the festivities start we would like to urge you not to forget about your savings goals over the holidays.

A little more investment discipline might even translate into your dream holiday next December!

As Stringfellow Investment Specialists, we want to remind you that investments are not abstract concepts that you think about once a year. They are real-world tangible assets that, if managed properly, never stop performing and will ensure that you can focus on what is important to you.

If you would like to look at your investments more seriously, or if you need any help to get organised for that savings plan that you will be starting early in 2016, give Stringfellow a call on 0860 787 464.