Recently, a good friend of mine took an overdose of pills and then when that didn’t work, he shot himself. Why did he take his life? Money! He dedicated the last 15 years of his life to two large projects, involving governments and hundreds of millions of Dollars. He was the marketing guy that raised capital, pitching the concept to thousands of investors and keeping them updated. Now, many are saying that it is a scam, but the only difference between a scam and huge success is execution.

He was totally dedicated and he performed, the problem is that the key individual did not. Great projects, great ideas, but no execution. Great ideas with poor execution equals suicide. How many great ideas are there in the world? How many times have you heard stories from Grandpa of how he invented a multi-million-dollar lifesaver, but somebody stole his idea? How many times have you heard from your friend that he could have been the greatest athlete of all time if it weren’t for his one eyed coach?

We all have great ideas but do we execute? Do we follow through? Do we make it happen? Most of us don’t and when we don’t, we pay the price, whether it be financial or emotional. “Money makes the world go round” must be the cheesiest thing to say, apart from “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”, but it does.

Whether we like it or not, money is the heartbeat of our universe. We waste our time chasing, worrying and fighting about money. What do couples fight most about? Is it the hot new blonde in marketing? Sometimes. Couples fight about money. We either do not have enough money or we have too much money. We never seem to be satisfied. How much is enough?

Do we want a bigger house, a bigger car, better clothes, world cruises, fancy restaurants…? What do we really want? Oh yes, money. We want it. We need it. We need to eat; we need to pay the bills. We are thinking about money all day long while our kids are trying to get our attention. Our kids want money and need to be entertained 24 hours a day. It’s not cheap to entertain the millennials.

Does money make us happy? What is happiness anyway? According to Tony Robbins, happiness is progress. As long as we are making progress, then we are happy. My friend seemed happy for a long time. He went to gym nearly every day, he was a Christian, he was a good friend to me when I needed a real friend and he always seemed 100% confident when he updated me with progress reports. But when progress stalled, he lost faith, lost his health and alienated himself.

My friend is gone. My heart is broken. His family is still around. I will never know what he was thinking in his final moments. I wish I had done more, said something to make him feel loved and made him feel like the future would be better than today. But he is gone and I love lost a good friend. I have lost a good friend over money and some people call me the money man. My life is dedicated to helping people with money but I couldn’t save my friend. It all become hell for him; the stress, the pressure. He is gone but the projects are still around. Money always seems to stay around even if we don’t. Money never disappears, it is simply transferred.


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