The real meaning of investment “risk”

A traditional approach to managing risk is to assume that any result that returns more than you started with is a positive result. At Stringfellow Investment Specialists, we believe that risk is directly associated with your goals for your money’s growth. An investment should, by design and definition, grow over time, and the degree to which it grows should determine its riskiness. As such, any asset that underperforms is constituted a risk since it won’t meet your goals for growth.


Asset Performance versus Inflation

When applying a disciplined approach to asset management, we, as true long-term investors, believe that real assets, such as shares, property and bonds, have and will consistently outperform cash and inflation over time. This, coupled with our multi-manager approach, enables us to bring together the best minds in the global investment industry as our preferred managers. Each of these managers brings with them a unique set of talents, skills, ideas and styles that are ideally suited to a particular market. This allows us to ensure that we can have:

  1. Active management through effective switching and decision making via streamlined administrative processes.
  2. Ensure Capital Gains Tax efficiency.
  3. Apply economies of scale to lower investment fees.
  4. Spread investments across multiple classes, managers, investment styles, regions and currencies to mitigate exposure.
Feel the difference

For more than 13 years, we at Stringfellow have made our clients and their investments the very centre of everything we do. As long-term investors, all our decisions are data-driven and based on healthy fundamental principles, macro and micro economic conditions, as well as popular trends and cycles. This has allowed us to consistently deliver award-winning, top quartile performances across our funds, and beating inflation every time.

How can we help?

At Stringfellow our accolades as well as the dedication and commitment we show each client and the money they’ve invested with us, speak for themselves. As one of the few boutique asset management companies to boast a 5 star Morningstar rating in 2015, a 4 crown Plexcrown rating, as well as the coveted Raging Bull award for the best performing South African multi-asset low equity fund in 2014, we are uniquely qualified to meet your investment goals.