Is your retirement secure? (Part1)

With factors such as tensions with North Korea and the US, and a threat of Nuclear War, a US President that’s unpredictable, never mind our own SA President, companies such as KPMG taking a knock due to ties to the Guptas, Brexit, Hurricanes etc., the world is in...

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What farmers can teach us about a tough year in the markets

Political noise is making investors nervous and, in turn, markets are giving very little back to the “farmers” or investors who have been sowing seeds or investing and are looking at this year’s harvest. Like many farmers awaiting the rain to provide good crops this...

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Leaving behind a legacy

The moment you find out that you are going to be a parent, you want to do everything in your power to protect and look after your child. As parents, we want to ensure that we raise our children so that they may have a fruitful future. We make sure that they eat right,...

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Risk of not having a Succession Plan

We spend our working day assisting clients with their succession planning. It is our job to ensure that our clients and their loved ones are able to survive if they are no longer able to work or pass away. Have you as a financial advisor given any thought to your own...

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How does SA’s Junk Status affect you

With recent happenings in our markets around junk status and government reshuffling, we realise that you as a client may have concerns about the impact it will have on your funds. As such, we have put a few pointers together below on feedback from our own asset...

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Preparing for RDR as a Financial Advisor

The Retail Distribution Review (RDR) was first released in 2015 for comment from the industry. One aspect of RDR that is of concern to Financial Advisors is the fact that their commission will be restructured. Initially, RDR proposed the following in terms of...

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The importance of having a will in place

In recent weeks, I have had to deal with the deaths of people close to me and as a financial advisor, I had to get involved with the estates and offer guidance. It is at times like these that you get to realise the importance of a Will and more importantly the correct...

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What to do about slowing investment growth

Investment growth is slowing down for several reasons but the main reason is bad leadership. Global leaders have failed the economy and therefore the public, they have not managed the world’s economy prudently and we are paying the price. The rich are getting richer...

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When is the right time to invest?

We all want to make the biggest returns on our investments, but trying to identify the perfect opportunity or “timing the market” may result in you making less money or even losing some of your capital. We’ve all heard the analogy of buying low and selling high, but...

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