Preparing for RDR as a Financial Advisor

The Retail Distribution Review (RDR) was first released in 2015 for comment from the industry. One aspect of RDR that is of concern to Financial Advisors is the fact that their commission will be restructured. Initially, RDR proposed the following in terms of...

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The importance of having a will in place

In recent weeks, I have had to deal with the deaths of people close to me and as a financial advisor, I had to get involved with the estates and offer guidance. It is at times like these that you get to realise the importance of a Will and more importantly the correct...

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What to do about slowing investment growth

Investment growth is slowing down for several reasons but the main reason is bad leadership. Global leaders have failed the economy and therefore the public, they have not managed the world’s economy prudently and we are paying the price. The rich are getting richer...

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When is the right time to invest?

We all want to make the biggest returns on our investments, but trying to identify the perfect opportunity or “timing the market” may result in you making less money or even losing some of your capital. We’ve all heard the analogy of buying low and selling high, but...

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Expect the unexpected in 2017

What can we expect from 2017; uncertainty and volatility...? Anything is possible. The world is extremely nervous and risk averse, with fear in the air, these are not the good old times. People are concerned about today and not even thinking about tomorrow, it’s all...

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Investing when markets are down

In a turbulent market, such as this one, where Donald Trump won the US Elections, Brexit and its repercussions are still looming and political turmoil happening on our doorstep; you may ask is this the time to be investing? When most people think of an Investment...

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What to consider before investing in property

South Africans often consider their homes to be their biggest assets, but when considering the costs of maintaining the property it becomes clear that it will only become an asset when the property is sold. Before you consider investing in bricks and mortar property,...

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Basics of investments

We live in a world where we are not taught the basics of investment, which is why people are often intimidated by the idea of investing money in any form. This, however, does not have to be the case our Head of Distribution, Troy Laas, addressed the basics of...

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Why property is not always the best investment

It's a common misperception that property only goes up in value. This falls alongside the notion that your biggest asset is your home... This is simply not always the case. You have to consider aspects such as maintenance costs, location, the country's economic...

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